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Bethany Lutheran Church

5303 Madison Ave., Bethel Park, PA 15102

(412) 835-9221

Worship Service: Sundays at 11:15 a.m.

Sunday School: Sundays at 9:45 a.m.

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E-mail: admin@blcbp.org

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Lemonade on the Lawn at Bethany on Sunday, July 8


PLUM Board meeting at Bethany on Sunday, July 29


See our new baby grand piano


BLCW School Kit Project


We've voted to join PLUM on a one-year trial membership!



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Sunday, July 8

Lemonade on the Lawn


The Fellowship and Evangelism Committee invites you to join together for “Lemonade on the Lawn” on Sunday, July 8, immediately following the 11:15 A.M. Worship Service.  Take time to experience the joys of fellowship with our members and visitors.  We will serve cold drinks and home baked cookies.




Sunday, July 29

PLUM Board Meeting


The quarterly PLUM Board meeting will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church (Bethel Park) (5303 Madison Ave., Bethel Park, PA 15102) on Sunday, July 29, starting at 1:30 p.m.


Future PLUM Board meetings are:

Autumn:  October 7, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. at St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Canonsburg)

Winter:  January 27, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church (Mt. Oliver)


February 2, 2018:  Meet Bethany's (new to us) baby grand piano! The piano was donated and in memorial to Arlene MacDonald who loved the music at Bethany.







Dear Bethany Friends,

Here in America, school vacations are beginning.  This time of year always reminds me of the chant we used as we ran out the doors of Bethel Elementary: “No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks!”  We were free to run loose and complain to our parents that we were bored.  Being smart parents, that was their cue to put us to work hanging laundry or pulling weeds in the garden.

But today, in many other parts of the world, children are running loose and wishing they could go to school.  What’s holding them back?  The causes are many: Extreme poverty, famine, war and exile from their homes, temporary shelter in “resettlement camps” with only barest necessities of life.  They have no gardens to weed, and getting water for laundry or anything else can be dangerous or impossible.  Even if schools are available in some form, there may be fees to pay.  Parents who manage to save for them may have no “extra” money for school supplies.  They must decide between educating their children or feeding them.  We can’t solve all their problems, but we can help.  Through Lutheran World Relief, we can send bags filled with the supplies to get a child started in school.  This can make all the difference, not only to them, but to parents who want their children to have a chance at a better future.  The women of Bethany sent 24 “kits” out into the world last year, and this year we’re hoping to take 40 or more to the distribution center in Zelienople this September.  We’re making the bags, but we need your help to fill them.  Each kit must contain the following items:

(4) FLAT notebooks, approx.. 8”x10.5”, 100 sheets. NO SPIRALS, PLEASE

(1) 2.5” eraser

(1) 30 cm (12”) ruler

(1) Pair blunt end scissors

(1) Box (24 count) crayons

(1) Hand-held pencil sharpener

(5) #2 Pencils, unsharpened

(5) Non-Gel blue or black ink pens

*Cash donations may be given to Sandy Lutz, BLCW treasurer, and will be used for supplies and shipping expenses.

The children whose needs you will serve have lost so much, or had nearly nothing to begin with.  That’s not their fault!  They want to learn.  They need to learn and develop critical thinking skills.  If they can read and write, they will have a better chance to explore ideas, to decide for themselves what is true and just and to teach others what they’ve learned.  Please help us give them a start toward this precious goal.

Thank you all for your help!

Genith Fisher, President, BLCW




On May 25, 2017, we voted to join the Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) for a one-year trial membership, starting on July 1.  PLUM will provide our pastoral leadership, but we still need to perform the church 'office' functions, as well as maintain our church building and grounds.  Contact the church office, if you need any pastoral care (wedding, funeral, hospital visits, etc.)

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Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM), 405 Kennedy Avenue, Duquesne, PA 15110        412-466-7773