Directions to Dormont Park


Dormont Park's LARGE Picnic Shelter

Dormont Park's LARGE Picnic Shelter




This is the "access road" leading to the picnic shelter and small (3 spaces) parking lot


Directions to the PARK: 

Get onto Banksville Rd (U.S. Route 19), heading South (away from the Fort Pitt Tunnel). 

When you pass the Dormont Pool (on your left), get into the LEFT lane. 

At the next traffic light, bear LEFT (the left lane must turn left) onto McFarland Road

As soon as you get onto McFarland Rd., take the first LEFT turn onto Annapolis Ave. 

Take the first LEFT turn onto Memorial Drive (just BEFORE the school). 

Go down the hill for several hundred feet (with lots of trees on the RIGHT side) until you see the 'ONE WAY' and 'ENTRANCE TO PAVILIONS' signs on the RIGHT. 


Here are two parking options:

  1. On-street parking is available on Memorial Drive (which is a ONE-WAY street).  Park on the LEFT side of Memorial Drive, JUST PAST THE HOUSES and walk into the park, using the park access road.  Please note that there are signs posted, stating that it is "Permit Parking Only, from 9AM - 6PM, MON-FRI", but the Boro office stated that "you should be fine, if you park below the houses".  If you park after 6:00 p.m., then you don't have to worry about the Permit Parking signs.

  2. If you are dropping off people/supplies or are trying to use the small parking lot (only 3 spaces) near the picnic shelter, turn RIGHT onto to small access road, leading into the Park. The picnic shelter and parking area are on the RIGHT side, just after a sharp right-hand turn in the road. We should try to save those parking spaces for people who have trouble walking.  By the way, we are NOT allowed to park on the grass!