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Hope Lutheran Church (Forest Hills)

353 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221 ('Forest Hills' neighborhood)

(412) 242-4476

Worship Service: Sundays at 11:15 a.m.

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E-mail: hopeforesthills@aol.com

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What's New!


See our October 2020 Calendar


See our November 2020 Calendar


Rise Against Hunger will be held at Christ (Duquesne) on Saturday, November 7


See our 2020 Pet Blessing photos


Worship Services have restarted - please READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS!!


Read our October 2020 Hope Notes Newsletter


Read our November 2020 Hope Notes Newsletter


2020 SWPA Synod Assembly


We've voted to join PLUM as a one-year trial member!



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October 2020



Council met on Monday Sept 14th


The following officers were approved, but we need a volunteer from the congregation to be the Assistant Treasurer – and it does not mean being on council.  It is basically writing checks and the check and balance for the treasurer.  If you are willing, please contact any of the Council Officers:

Jane Cushion- President

Barb Kochuba – Vice President

Lynda Joyce – Secretary

David Hauser - Treasurer


Click HERE to see our 2020 Pet Blessing photos


Hope Calendar ~ October 26, 2020



Monday, October 26

7:00 pm PLUM Board (Zoom)


Tuesday, October 27

1:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Thursday, October 29

7:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Sunday, November 1 ~ All Saints

11:15 am Worship

3:00 pm Worship (Zoom)

Turn Clocks Back One Hour


Tuesday, November 3

Election Day

1:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Thursday, November 5

7:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Friday, November 6

7:00 pm TAIZE (Zoom)


Saturday, November 7




Sunday, November 8

11:15 am Worship

3:00 pm Worship (Zoom)


Monday, November 9

7:00 pm Church Council


Tuesday, November 10

1:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Wednesday, November 11

7:00 pm PLUM Worship Committee


Thursday, November 12

7:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)

December Hope Notes Deadline


Saturday, November 14

9 am – 5 pm Synod Assembly


Sunday, November 15

11:15 am Worship

3:00 pm Worship (Zoom)


Tuesday, November 17

Election Day

1:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Thursday, November 19

7:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Friday, November 21

10:00 am Advent Wreath Making Workshop (Zoom)


Sunday, November 22  Christ the King

11:15 am Worship

Congregational Meeting after worship

3:00 pm Worship (Zoom)


Tuesday, November 24

Election Day

1:00 pm Discussion Series (Zoom)


Wednesday, November 25

7:00 pm PLUM Thanksgiving Eve Service (Zoom)


Thursday, November 26



Sunday, November 29  ADVENT I

11:15 am Worship

3:00 pm Worship (Zoom)



PLUM Discussion Series 

Studies will be Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 7pm via zoom. 

Please see the PLUM website (www.plumofpa.com) for details




To join the worship services:

Zoom onlinehttps://zoom.us/j/401596541

Zoom by phone: (646) 876-9923

Meeting ID: 401 596 541



November 2020






For the third year in a row, PLUM will be working with the faith-based organization “Rise Against Hunger” to host a meal packaging event. We will coordinate an assembly-line packaging of highly nutritious dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Together we will package more than 10,152 meals!


Saturday, November 7 at Christ Lutheran Church

2 Sessions: 10 a.m. – Noon and 1 – 3 p.m.

25 people per session*

Social Distancing, Masks and Gloves required

Children age 5 and up are welcome with parental supervision

Registration* Deadline Sun., Oct. 25 – contact  Mary Anne Novak: 412-979-8574 or novakbbb@aol.com


Our congregation is asked to make a minimum contribution of $293 toward this ministry.  To make a donation, please indicate “Rise Against Hunger” and the amount on your offering envelope.  We are also planning a fun online auction fundraiser on November 14 to raise money for Rise Against Hunger.  Details on this fundraiser will be available soon!




June 29, 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We pray this letter finds you all healthy and happy.  We are writing to inform you that we have been busy preparing the church building for worship according to the guidelines set down by the CDC and the state of Pennsylvania.

We will begin worshiping in the sanctuary on July 5, 2020!




How is this going to work?

All those in attendance will be required to wear a mask.  Since we have not seen each other in a long while and you will want to “catch up”; you are encouraged to do so before entering the building and at a safe distance in the parking lot.  Once inside the building we will be maintaining social distancing.  Entering the building will be from the front doors only.


Upon approaching the door you will notice the doorkeeper who will allow you entrance 1 or 2 at a time to prevent overcrowding in the foyer.  The doorkeeper will also ask your name and, and if a guest, a phone number/email address for tracing purposes.  (Tracing attendance allows us to notify you if someone in attendance develops symptoms of the virus.)


Your offerings can be deposited in plate on the table inside of the sanctuary doors.


There will be an usher to assist you in finding a place to sit.  We have roped off 2/3 of the pews for social distancing.  This has left us with 4 “useable” pews on each side.  Seating in each pew will be limited to two people (or families of 2 or more).  To assist in determining proper social distancing, we have placed seat cushions to mark the proper place to sit in each pew.  Please be aware that though we Lutherans all like to sit in the back this is not going to work during social distancing.  You may have to sit further towards the front than you are used to.  But the benefit of worshiping together should override our fear of the front pews! LOL !  In addition, since we will be running the very large (and loud) exhaust fan at the back of the church at high speed to help keep everyone cool, sitting toward the front will help you hear better.   If you choose to sit in the pew nearest the windows, please go up the aisles by the windows.  If you prefer to sit near the center aisle, go up the center aisle.  JOnce you are seated please do not get up and move around.  Bulletins and hand sanitizer will already be placed beside each seat cushion.


We will be limiting attendance to 24 persons, which includes the Pastor, Organist, and the Usher and Doorkeeper.


The entire service will be printed in the bulletins.  The liturgy will be spoken; as singing is not recommended at this time.


There will be modified communion.  Details will be given before the service and again before communion takes place.

When we dismiss please clear all personal items and bulletins from your pew, but leave the hand sanitizer behind.  You are encouraged to take your bulletins home, but if you do not want to, please place them in the trash can by the door as you leave the sanctuary.


As you exit, please (to maintain social distancing) continue without stopping through either the front or side doors, clearing a path for those behind you.  Again, you are encouraged to socialize outside at a safe distance to keep the Sanctuary and foyer areas clear.


How are we sanitizing?

As we are only using the sanctuary once a week, and as the corona virus dies within a couple of days, no additional sanitizing will be required.  We will wipe down door handles and clean the rest rooms prior to and after services.  Please feel free to use the provided hand sanitizer at any time during the service.


Please avoid areas of the church other than the foyer, Narthex and Sanctuary for the time being.


What should I do?

We have done our best to make the worship spaces as safe as possible for all of us.  Now only you can decide if you are comfortable with what we are able to do.


Please take time to reread this letter and do what you feel is best for you and your loved ones.  Do not feel bad if you are not able or ready to worship in the church building.  The Zoom services will continue and you can continue to utilize this ministry.


Should you decide to attend services in the sanctuary when they resume on July 5th, please remember that your health and the health of others is of vital importance.  Should you be running a temperature or not feel well on a particular Sunday – please stay home that week.  If you have attended worship and develop symptoms of the virus please notify the office (412-242-4476) or one of the PLUM ministers immediately. 


As stated above, this decision to attend worship services is a personal one and may be very difficult for some of us.  If you need help in discerning what is a right and faithful decision please contact one of our PLUM pastors for support and guidance.


May God’s blessings be upon us all as we move forward in this “unusual” time. 


Yours in Christ,


Hope Church Council


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Join in worship on Sundays at 3:00 pm



Zoom online 


Zoom by phone:  (646) 876-9923

Meeting ID: 401 596 541



P.L.U.M. Pastoral Team


Rev. John Gropp - 412-680-7867

Rev. Brenda Henry – 412-390-8005

Rev. Dr. Paul Koch – 773-848-1470

Pastor Sue Devine – 412-496-4889

Vicar Mandy Gilberti - 814-241-8150



October 2020 Hope Notes Newsletter



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The 2020 Synod Assembly of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020 via ZOOM Meetings. This is a new format for the Assembly, and since they will be facilitating this assembly in an online format, it is important that EVERY voting member has access to an internet ready device (i.e. smart phone or tablet) for the purposes of voting as well as the ability to be either on a computer with an individual ZOOM account or the ability to be in a small group of people sharing one computer with a ZOOM account. Members are encouraged to prayerfully consider serving as lay voting members or to otherwise participate in the assembly. Each congregation may elect three voting members.






Attendance Device
A computer or tablet with both a camera and microphone. (Most laptops and tablets come equipped. Desktop users may need to add a webcam with microphone.)


Voting Device
A separate smart phone or tablet to download the app. (This cannot be a computer or web browser, it must be app-enabled.)



November 2020 Hope Notes Newsletter



Click here for the November Hope Notes


Click here for the November Hope Partners in Ministry insert





On Sunday, January 1, 2020, we joined the Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) as a one-year trial member.  PLUM will provide our pastoral leadership, but we still need to perform the church 'office' functions, as well as maintain our church building and grounds.  Contact the church office, if you need any pastoral care (wedding, funeral, hospital visits, etc.)


See Hope Lutheran's



Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM), 405 Kennedy Avenue, Duquesne, PA 15110        412-466-7773