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February 2012



(As we’ve welcomed Pastor Paul Koch to our pastoral team we have been thankful for his contribution to our ministries, a contribution that has drawn on his years of experience in parish and cooperative ministry in Iowa and Chicago. It has been very helpful to hear his perspective on our PLUM adventure. He has pulled together the following summary of the good things that are happening among us in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is offered here so that all may have the opportunity to see what he is experiencing in our midst.  Pastors Beth and John)


PLUM is a very special coalition of congregations (some might even call it a parish!).  The use of this term relates to the fact that the member congregations share pastoral staff.


However, there is much more that we share. As you can see from the chart of PLUM activities below, we now share Bible Study opportunities at each congregation, a shared worship experience seven times a year (one hosted by each of the PLUM congregations) and a leadership retreat once or twice a year. In addition, each congregation sends four representatives to the PLUM Parish Board which meets quarterly.


It is such a benefit to us to have these opportunities to share our faith and our experiences of congregational ministry with each other. The ideas gleaned and the support rendered is invaluable. To insure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in these PLUM offerings, thereby building up our relationships within PLUM, we are asking all of the congregations to include these study and worship opportunities in their bulletins and newsletters. We realize that communication is one of our biggest challenges so we are setting as a goal for 2012 improving the ways we get the information about the Bible Studies, retreats, worship events and Board meetings to our congregations’ members


Also, it is a fundamental value in PLUM that the integrity of each congregation be respected and supported. Therefore, we are inviting the members of the PLUM congregations to support each other by participating in congregational activities other than (and in addition to) their own.


Most important of all is the blessing it can be to all of us when we attend and participate together in Bible Study, joint worship, retreats, annual picnics, and the PLUM Board meetings.


Make sure that you and the members of your congregation consider participating in these PLUM ministries so that you and your congregation will receive the full benefits and the joy of PLUM membership.


Pastor Paul


PLUM Newsletter 2012-02




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