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January 2016


Deep breath Ė hold it Ė now breathe out.  We made it through Christmas in one piece!  Now 2015 is behind us and all the good and bad of that year is just a memory.


Happy New Year 2016!!


Did you make any New Yearís resolutions?  If you did, how long will those resolutions last?  Any of them make it into February?  Mine never do.  Oh, I have the greatest of intentions.  ButÖ..


I wonder...


What if:      all of us resolved to try to be a bit more Christ like in this year?

What if:      we held each other responsible for becoming more Christ like?

What if:      we began each morning in prayer; praying for each other?

What if:      we made extra efforts to be forgiving to each other?

What if:      all of us attended Bible study?

What if:      all of us gave just a bit more in our offerings?

What if:      we called that church member that hasnít been at church for

                   while and checked on them Ė letting them know that we care

                   and miss them?

What if:      we made Christ the top priority in our lives?


What if    -    What if    -    What if    -    What if    -    What if    -    What if


What if we are doing most if not all of the above list?  Does it make any difference?


I must respond with a resounding YES!!


The pastors have to do a report for the Bishop at the close of the year.  One of the questions we are asked is, ďAs you reflect upon the past year, what were the most significant developments, events, or accomplishments in your life and ministry?Ē


The first word that literally ďjumpedĒ into my brain was RELATIONSHIPS. 

The congregations within PLUM seem to have grown in their relationships to one another this past year.  When the pastors get yelled at for not letting a congregation know when a person from a different congregation is in the hospital, thatís relationship.


When every congregation is praying for each other.  Thatís relationship.


When we have four of our musicians working together for a joint PLUM service.  Thatís relationship.


When we have a choir made up of singers from seven of our ten congregations.  Thatís relationship.


When we have two members of two different congregations in seminary AND two missionaries from our congregations.  Thatís relationship.


Canít you feel the Spirit moving in, around and through our congregations?  

Several times during the year, I have been approached by someone I donít recognize or donít know and they have told me stories about how you have helped their family or friend.


We have had members of the congregations in the hospital and I hear from their families how you have visited them and cheered them with your visit.


The Spirit IS moving in, around and through our congregations for sure.  May this year be a year that all of us experience the Spirit moving us to a closer walk with God and one another.


May God Bless each of you with an abundance of joy and peace in 2016.


Happy New Year


Pastor Melba




Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM), 405 Kennedy Avenue, Duquesne, PA 15110        412-466-7773