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August 2021


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We Christians (Lutherans) are dedicated to the Word of God, revealed to us in Holy Scriptures.  We declare that the Scriptures are the truest guide for our life, individually and for our church.


This is why we emphasize the continuous examination of Scripture to discover new insights and to renew our faith.  Every Sunday, a pastor or appointed lay preacher proclaims the Word for the day, usually guided by the Narrative Lectionary.  We are encouraged to read Scripture daily and, once a week, we are given an opportunity to examine the Scripture that will be used in the coming weekend worship.  This happens every Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  This may not be a convenient time for everyone, but the hour is open and available on Plum’s zoom line.


Through August 1, the weekly study is looking at passages from Ephesians.  This book was originally addressed to a city like Pittsburgh – a diverse population struggling with newcomers, trying to understand the competitive nature of different loyalties, an educated population with homelessness and wealth, living side-by-side.  Tune in; you might find a message that helps you understand your place in all this, as a Christian.  It is not a scholarly study; it is meant for anyone who is willing to participate in the discussion.


Beginning August 8, the weekly study will be focusing on the Book of Revelation.  You may wonder what relevance this book has for our day, or you may be frightened by the imagery of the book and avoid reading it, because it is too mysterious and difficult to understand.  I guarantee that our weekly discussions will clarify the mysteries of Revelation and bring home to you a message that is encouraging and hopeful to your circumstances.  We will take the frightening aspect of Revelation and turn it into the uplifting message that Revelation was always intended to be for the early church and for us.


Curious?  Come join us!  You may be surprised!  And if our brief hour is not enough for you, we’ll find ways to extend it to meet your needs.  Hope to see/hear from you some Thursday.


+Pastor Paul Koch

For the Plum Pastoral Team





Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM), 405 Kennedy Avenue, Duquesne, PA 15110        412-466-7773